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Step n Tow Comparisons
The Real Patented and Registered Step n Tow® Compared to Go Rhino's Aluminum Ball Mounted Step

  1. Step n Tow® is a parented tailgate step that will hold more then 350 pounds and incorporates a 6000 pound, V5 certified ball mount. The universal mount will accept any utensil having a 2"x2" shaft. This will add versatility to the unit. Step n Tow® is a ready-made platform to mount any electric sport winch with a two hole bolt pattern.

  2. The Go Rhino Step n Tow is a simple step to be used instead of the bumper step indentation already designed for all truck bumpers.

  3. The real Step n Tow® is constructed of solid steel, not aluminum. It's galvanized and then powder coated. The steel construction, galvanized metal and powder coating makes our Step n Tow® as tough as a rhino and will probably outlive the truck.

$50.00 is a lot to spend when you can use the trailer or the bumper step to get into the back of your truck.
When the tailgate is down, how does Go Rhino's Step n Tow help you access the bed of your truck?

Truck Step Comparison
Bully AS 550
Bestop 75303-01
Curt Manufacturing 31001
Summit 29-0001 Ball Mount and Step n Tow Value Packages
DEBO Truck Tailgate Step
Westin 10-3000 Truck Pal
Truck n Buddy
Comparison of Summit Winch Mounts
These items not galvanized.
Curt Manufacturing
Mile Marker 60-06495
Superwinch 2x2 Bar 1559B
Requires Plate to the Right
Superwinch 2202377
Superwinch 2050
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